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   Horseback Trail Rides is a family-owned stable with a horseback tour business located on Florida’s Space Coast, just 15 minutes from Cocoa Beach and 50 minutes from Orlando and the Theme Park attractions.

   Our ranch offers 1 ½ hour guided horseback trail rides for individuals, families, and larger groups all day, all year round (weather permitting).

   One of the best ways to see Florida’s natural beauty is on horseback. Our trails wander through protected conservation areas, taking you into a diversity of the natural woodland habitats found on the Space Coast and introducing you to one of the most unique environments in the world. We have miles of riding trails running through over 2,000 acres of magnificent Florida forest setting, a herd of beautiful, gentle, well-trained horses and a staff of experienced, friendly, trail guides.

   Take time to visit our website at   to find out more about the wonderful variety of plant and wildlife you may experience during your ride. The diversity is partly because both temperate (northern) and subtropical (southern) species grow here together. These ecosystems have the greatest number of tree and shrub species per acre of all temperate forests in the continental United States. They also provide homes for other plants and animals. Some of these species occur nowhere in else in the world.

   You will be enchanted as your trail ride takes you into the shadowy, moist Mesic Hammock with its majestic oaks, draped in Spanish moss, creating a huge canopy overhead, then experience the overwhelming beauty of primitive Florida Scrub, Wet Prairie and “prehistoric-like” Hydric (low wet) ecosystems. A journey you will not forget.

   Plants and wild flowers that are native to Florida attract various species of butterflies and their larvae (caterpillars), insects, reptiles and birds. Other animals, including the Eastern Indigo snake, Florida scrub lizard, gopher tortoise, armadillo, white-tailed deer and bobcats live here.

   The trail guides are all experienced horseman. They are friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable about the history, wildlife and ecology of the area. Horses are assigned based on the riders experience level. Riders with handicaps will be evaluated by the trail boss before being mounted, but most mental and physical challenges can be accommodated. You do have the opportunity to jog and lope (trot & canter) your horse, but no one has to ride faster than they want to. We cannot take riders younger than 6 and no rider who weighs over 225 pounds. Reservations are required as we need to catch, groom, and saddle your horse before each ride. When they are not out on the trail, we allow our horses to run freely, to “be horses” and do what horses do.

   Please arrive 15 – 20 minutes before your scheduled ride so that you can meet your horse and get saddled (the ride times do not include mounting and dismounting). Expect to spend at least 2 hours at our Ranch. The current charge for 1 ½ hour ride per rider is $45.00 (price subject to change without notice). VISA & MC as well as traveler's checks & cash are accepted.

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