Ms. Apples Crab & Lobster Shack

580 W. Merritt Island Cswy.

Just East of Humphrey Bridge

(321) 459-3759

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NORMALLY OPEN Tuesday - Saturday from 9:30 am. Please call 321-459-3759 for their Specials of the Day or for an UPDATE on their LIVE CRAB availability. THIS IS NOT A RESTAURANT! TAKE OUT ONLY!




Ms. Apples Crab & Lobster Shack

The Freshest Crabs in Brevard


   If you're a fan of Fresh Blue Crabs or Fresh Maine Lobster, there's but one place around Brevard to get them and that is at Ms. Apples Crab & Lobster Shack on the 520 Causeway, just East of the Hubert Humphrey Bridge in Merritt Island.

   When The Crab Shack, as it was originally called, opened it doors back in the late nineties, owner Ric Griffis was going out into the river nearly everyday pulling crab traps with his dad while Ms. Apple was back at “the shack” selling the days catch to eager customers. Ms. Apple is pretty short in stature, in fact so short, that Ric had to build her a box to stand on so she could reach and run the old cash register to ring up the crabs that she sold to her customers.

   As the business began to flourish more and more throughout the years, Ric was able to find some local “crabbers” that would sell their catch to him, so he eventually sold all of his crab traps and started spending more and more of his time at “the shack” with Ms. Apple.

   Ric was always a hard worker and he always preferred to work “the back” doing what he does best. Ms. Apple still works “the front” as she loves talking and dealing with the tons of customers who flow through the place every Tuesday – Saturday each week. She knows many of her customers by name and is so pleasant to deal with. Their store has tanks of live crabs and the tanks contain various sizes. Many customers hand select their own crabs with a set of big tongs. For the not so brave customer, Ms. Apple is there to lend a helping hand with their crab selection. Once that the crabs are selected, Ms. Apple weighs them and she charges by the pound and size. FREE steaming & cleaning are provided with each purchase.

   Ric (who passed away a few months ago) dealt with the crabbers, the fish dealers and the suppliers, but his main job was grading & sizing the fresh crabs, steaming those fresh crabs and cleaning those cooked crabs so they're ready to chow down on. A few years back Ms. Apple started selling live and cooked Maine Lobster in addition to blue crabs. Because of the low prices she was selling the lobster for, it became more and more popular, so popular, in fact, that Ms. Apple decided to add lobster to their name. Hence, the present day name, Ms. Apples Crab & Lobster Shack. So, if you're looking to have a feast of Maine Lobster, don't buy until you check the price at Ms. Apples. It's a pretty good bet that she will have the cheapest price in Brevard and you can get your lobsters steamed FREE to boot. Not many places, that I know of will steam your lobster, let alone do it free of charge!

   Ms. Apples Crab & Lobster Shack is located at 580 W. Merritt Island Causeway and sells fresh crabs, garlic crabs, fish, shrimp, oysters, clams, stone crab claws, craw fish, snow crab and a wide variety of Seafood Dinners to go including Maine Lobster Dinners. Before you make a trip to visit Ms. Apple, you might want to check her (almost daily) postings on her Facebook Page or call her Crab HOTLINE at (321) 459-3759 for the availability of her products. Ms. Apple is open every Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30 am. Closed every Sunday and Monday. If you're not already a customer at Ms Apples, stop by and see just what might catch your eye!

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